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Joseph Titlebaum is an individual with experience in oil and gas. He previously was the General Partner of Pineville Drilling Associates 1984-1, Pineville Drilling Associates 1985-1, Pineville Drilling Associates 1987-1, H.G. Riggs IV and Pineville Drilling Associates III, all oil or gas limited partnerships. He also has experience in the leasing and development of oil and gas property and has assisted the Partnership in obtaining the rights to drill on the properties where the partnership intends to operate. Mr. Titlebaum has a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of Pittsburgh and attended its Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. Mr. Titlebaum has had experience in the Securities Industry as a Registered Representative of a New York Stock Exchange member firm during which time he reviewed a wide range of oil and gas drilling programs. Mr. Titlebaum has been involved in oil and gas well development in Pennsylvania, and other limited partnerships in the oil drilling area. Mr. Titlebaum has a contract with PI Capital Group, LLC that provides him a share of its net profits from its role as Operator.


John Hammer is a Senior Financial Executive with broad experience in private equities, investment banking, and financial management. He is fluent in internal controls, financial reporting, and corporate finance. John has invested, raised funds, and overseen a number of private investments across industries. Experience includes positions in Innovation Works, Pi Capital, medSage Technologies, CastGrabber, Gulf Oil, and Investors Diligence. John earned a B.S. in engineering from Northwestern University and a M.B.A. from University of Pittsburgh.

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