Pi Capital Group adds value to the companies in its portfolio beyond providing capital.
Pi believes strongly in the fundamental approach to venture investing: real value and profits are the true metric of success. Patience, focus and sound business judgement produce the best result and creates great wealth.
  Understanding and reducing risk are the primary elements on which all recommendations, decisions and actions are based. Particular care is taken to enssusre companies remain market and customer focused as they drive revenues, generate profits, and discover opportunities.  
  Pi operates in an open, cooperative, participative, and proactive manner. These behavioral underpinnings apply to the selection of the best investments and to working with management on an on-going basis.  
  Pi Capital Group, LLC is a privately owned, principal investment firm focusing exclusively on early stage technology investments. Pi Capital Group manages Pi Capital Partners I, LP and Pi Energy Partners I, LP. The principals have years of experience structuring transactions, evaluating investment candidates, and working extensively with management after closing to maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome.  
  Pi is not a passive investor and will not simply 'fill out a round'. Pi investigates a potential investment candidate thoroughly and gets to know the company's managers so that they become comfortable with Pi's style and Pi's with theirs.  
  Pi was founded in 2001, by principals who possess a great deal of private equity experience, most of which was devoted exclusively to technology based early stage investing.  
  Pi Capital Group will not invest in online businesses that do not possess a high intellectual property content (B2B or B2C or P2P or any other 2 sort of businesses need not apply); Pi will not wander far beyond the Northeast United States. The principals will consider funding only companies in technologies and industries in which they have experience, including software, Internet technology, information technology, VLSI, telecommunications, life sciences or medical devices.  
  Sunken treasure, apartment buildings in Bombay, drug discovery, perpetual motion machines, and other opportunities not within Pi's areas of interest will not be entertained.  


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