Pi Capital Partners I, LP has invested in six companies: Ondotek, Inc., CompAS Controls, Inc., Aethon, Inc., medSage Technologies, LLC., mSpoke, Inc., and CastGrabber, LLC

Ondotek offers a method for lowering the costs associated with MS Windows desktop computer ownership. Update: Ondotek sold its intellectual property assets to an undisclosed purchaser in 2008

  CompAS Controls sells model-based, supervisory control systems for process applications.

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Aethon produces an autonomous tug that hauls materials indoors. The tugs provide transportion of routine and on-demand deliveries in hospitals. Since Pi's initial investment in 2003, the company has raised tens of millions of dollars in follow-on investment from large venture funds and industry partners.

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medSage Technologies is an Applications Service Provider (Software as Service/Cloud computing) that sells into home healthcare pharmacies and home medical equipment providers. The medSage software calls the customer's patients to determine whether there is need for a refill, or human intervention.

In 2010, medSage sold substantially all its assets to Phillips Respironics where it operates as a division of the acquiror. The new name of the remaining company is NewCare Solutions, LLC. It continues to develop applications targeted at caregivers monitoring loved ones in their homes. Keep watching for new announcements

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mSpoke provides personalization solutions for web content, advertising, and product recommendations. The company sells its WWW based software/services to online publishers and ecommerce sites. Update: mSpoke sold all assets to LinkedIn (now publically traded).

CastGrabber develops and sells embedded devices into the consumer market that downloads podcasts directly to MP3 players - without a computer. It currently develops a software only solution that is currently in test. Keep watching for full release.

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