John R. Hammer, Chairman of Pi Capital Group, combines his skills in engineering, finance, and management to every venture. He has extensive investment and merchant banking experience, and he specializes in financial analysis, in capital structuring, and in the mergers and acquisitions of high-technology companies.
Prior to creating Pi Capital Group, Mr. Hammer was Chief Investment Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Innovation Works, Inc., a state sponsored, venture capital company, and was President and Director of Corporate Finance for Capital Access Partners, a venture investment bank and advisory firm. He served as vice president of two investment firms, Weatherly Private Capital, Inc. and MMC Group, Inc. He held technical positions with Gulf Oil Corporation.
  Mr. Hammer leads the investment and selection process carefully. He works closely with the senior management of operating and startup companies to help them evaluate strategic alternatives, execute plans, improve the companies' financial controls, implement new budgeting systems and raise capital after obtaining Pi funding.  



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